Cabell's Contributions to Books

Privately Printed by the Emergency Committee

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A4 (E2)
A4a (E2)
A4b (E2)
First Printing, Buff Cloth 1920

Protest Form:

formA copy of the protest form distributed by the Emergency Committee. Both this form and the galley proof pictured below were found laid into a large paper copy of Jurgen and the Censor that had been signed by Barrett H. Clark as well as Cabell.  Clark was one of the three organizers of the protest, and was also one of the editors of Jurgen and the Censor (with Edward Hale Bierstadt and Sidney Howard).





Galley Proof:

proof page 1A corrected galley proof of Cabell's preface to Jurgen and the Censor. As is our normal practice for multi-page documents, this is presented in Adobe PDF format. You'll need to use your browser's BACK button to return to The Silver Stallion after accessing it.