James Branch Cabell : An Illustrated Bibliography

THE SILVER STALLION: A Comedy of Redemption

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Storisende Edition 1927














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Title page recto: [wide spaced double rule] | [in red italic] | The Silver Stallion | A Comedy of Redemption | [rule] BY | JAMES BRANCH CABELL | [Kalki device] | ROBERT M. McBRIDE & COMPANY | NEW YORK · · · · MCMXXVII | [rule] (see image above).

Title page verso: COPYRIGHT, 1926, 1927 | BY JAMES BRANCH CABELL | [rule] | PRINTED IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (see image above).


New York: Robert M. McBride & Co., September, 1927


Medium octavo [23.5 cm. (9¼ in.) x 15.9 cm (6¼ in.)]; 1 blank leaf + xxvi + 318 + 1 blank leaf; (i) blank; (ii) limitation; (iii) half-title; (iv) quotation; (v) title page; (vi) publication data; (vii) dedication (verso blank); (ix) Note as to the text of The Silver Stallion (verso blank); xi-xii The Lords that Poictesme Had in Dom Manuel's Time; xiii-xx Author's Note (signed by the author); xxi-xxiv Contents; (xxv) introductory note (verso blank); (1) fly-title BOOK ONE; (2) quotation; 3-20 text of BOOK ONE; (21) fly-title BOOK TWO (verso blank); 23-49 text of BOOK TWO (verso blank); (51) fly-title BOOK THREE (verso blank); 53-81 text of BOOK THREE (verso blank); (83) fly-title BOOK FOUR (verso blank); 85-112 text of BOOK FOUR; (113) fly-title BOOK FIVE (verso blank); 115-144 text of BOOK FIVE; (145) fly-title BOOK SIX (verso blank); 147-176 text of BOOK SIX; (177) fly-title BOOK SEVEN (verso blank); 179-213 text of BOOK SEVEN (verso blank); (215) fly-title BOOK EIGHT (verso blank); 217-246 text of BOOK EIGHT; (247) fly-title BOOK NINE (verso blank); 249-277 text of BOOK NINE (verso blank); (281) fly-title BOOK TEN; (282) quotation; 283-312 text of BOOK TEN; 313-316 COMPENDIUM OF LEADING HISTORICAL EVENTS; (317) Colophon (verso blank); 1 blank leaf. Pages (1), (21), (51), (83), (113), (145), (177), (215), (247), and (281) are fly-titles. Pages (i), (viii), (x), (xxvi), (22), (50), (52), (82), (178), (214), (216), (248), (278), and (318) are blank.


Dark green cloth; gilt decorations and lettering on spine; top edges trimmed and gilded, otherwise untrimmed. Spine: [double rule] | THE WORKS | OF | JAMES | BRANCH | CABELL | III | THE | SILVER | STALLION | McBRIDE | [double rule]. Front cover: [all enclosed in a single line blind rule] [centered Kalki device in blind, enclosed in a double ruled circle in blind].


OF THIS third volume of the Storisende Edi- | tion of the works of JAMES BRANCH CABELL | fifteen hundred and ninety copies have been | printed, of which fifteen hundred and fifty are | for sale in the United States and England | [in italic] This copy is number [handwritten in red] 82 (see image above).


[in italic] To | CARL VAN DOREN | [12-line acrostic verse in three stanzas. Last stanza in italic] (see image above).


This third volume of the Storisende Edition of the works | of JAMES BRANCH CABELL, containing THE SILVER | STALLION (first published in April, 1926), was de- | signed by William Dana Orcutt and printed and bound | at The Plimpton Press, Norwood, Massachusetts. | It was completed in August, 1927, after which the | type was destroyed. Issued in September, 1927, | by Robert M. McBride & Company, New York. (see image above).

Dust jacket / Box:

Individual volumes of the Storisende Edition were not issued in dust jackets. Instead, each was wrapped in tissue and sealed. Early volumes in this set were sealed with adhesive paper dots. Later volumes were simply sealed with adhesive tape. Slipcases were provided for each group of three volumes issued together. The slipcases were sturdy cardboard covered in forest green paper, each with a paper label (see image of label above). For more information and photos, see the page for The Works of James Branch Cabell.


This is Volume III of the Storisende Edition of the Works of James Branch Cabell.